Strong hands, healthy hands . . . doing tasks from

the everyday to the extraordinary



Since we opened our doors in 1988, IronMind has been the worldwide leader in grip strength,

offering all levels of tools for hand strength and health.  From developing a ferocious grip

to simply keeping your hands in good working order, we help people with what they

need to and love to do with their hands. 



3 Grippers, 1 Goal

Strong and healthy hands


 Muscle Balance - Conditioning - Mobility

Target hand and wrist pain with the Hand/Wrist Combo


For a complete list of IronMind products and hand health tools, please visit our hand health department.





What strong and healthy hands can do for you


Grip strength and hand health training requires very little equipment, time or effort, but the rewards are huge:


Prevent, reduce or eliminate prolems associated with carpal tunel syndrome

Key to independent living and longer lives for senior citizens

Gain a competitve advantage in sports and on the job

Enjoy life—what don't you do with your hands

Reduce stress and lower blood pressure